K-13 Spray Acoustics

We specialize in products that are sprayed onto ceilings and walls that either reduce reverberation noise or deal will sound transmissions. See below for the sound chart for STC assemblies using urethane foam. Various products we spray have tested assemblies. Ceiling systems are primarily used to absorb sound deflection. These systems can be plaster, cellulose, etc. These are made as finished ceilings and are to be left exposed. The same product can be used to enhance lighting control and create dimensional finishes.

Acoustical Performance

The resilient fibers of K-13 absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and making speech and music more intelligible. Excessive noise is eliminated with the application of K-13 while greatly improving ambient sound quality in a wide variety of building projects including auditoriums, sports facilities, detention facilities, television and sound studios, convention centers and parking garages.


Sprayed Plaster

Pyrok provides seamless and durable sound absorbing wall and ceiling treatments for architectural design. It can be hand applied smooth or slightly textured spray applied product that utilizes a a special sound absorbing substrate composed of recycled post consumer glass. It can also be a sprayed applied acoustical plaster that is manufactured in portland cement or gypsum plaster formulations. Perforated gypsum board product with many different perforation patterns and patented joint taping systems.

Miscellaneous Soundproofing Products

Millions of semi-rigid open cells in soundproofing insulation work to absorb sound waves at varying frequencies, making it possible to design cost effective walls and ceilings with a STC rating of 50 or more. Houses, buildings, and rooms insulated with spray foam soundproofing all enjoy the benefit of protection against unwanted noise.

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