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About Compass Insulation & Specialty Coatings Inc.

Compass Insulation & Specialty Coatings Inc. has been a respected fixture in the construction industry for many years. Specializing in Energy Consulting, Fireproofing, Soundproofing and Insulation has allowed us to become indispensable experts in the construction field. We have established ourselves as Northeast Ohio’s premier source for our specialized trades, and we have an excellent track record. We are proud to have earned a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and quality work. We believe that our success is due to the following principles:

  • We are committed to the highest standard of quality, both in materials and workmanship. We believe the work we produce should speak for itself.
  • We are committed to completing all projects on schedule and within the budgets that have been set by our clients. We know that our reputation is riding on every job, so we do everything in our power to keep our clients satisfied.
  • We are committed to clear and careful communication with our clients. We believe that many problems in the construction field come down to miscommunication between the builders and the customers, so we make sure that our customers always have realistic expectations of timeframes and are aware of any special situations that may affect the work.

Success in business, especially in our industry, requires earning the trust of the community. Our community, in Northeast Ohio and the surrounding area, trusts Compass Insulation & Specialty Coatings Inc. to always do the highest quality work at a competitive price. We are proud to say that the bulk of our work comes from repeat clients and referrals, and we can’t think of a better testament to our years of dedication to our client’s needs than that. We want to thank all of our clients in Northeast Ohio for trusting us with their homes and businesses, and we hope to be serving our customers here for years to come.

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